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We’ve been sharing resources over on the Facebook page and uploading them into the GoogleDrive for a year now – but it’s still messy and (quite honestly) a pain to administer!

So, that leads us to a helpful website with all the resources hopefully, collated under the right headings!

Before anyone complains about the adverts between pages, please remember this is a FREE resource, you are under no obligation to click any of the adverts you see, but if you do then I might get a penny or two towards running the site for you (which is not free!)

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You need a PASSWORD to open and download the resources.  The password is available from the SENsible SENCO Facebook group.  Have a look in the FAQ at the bottom of the page.  Please do not email admin for the password.

1000’s of Resources

The SENsible SENCO Facebook group has been sharing resources for a while.

We do have rules about copyright – but if you spot something that has slipped through the net, do let us know!



Cognition and Learning

For resources and information on SpLD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia, Moderate Learning Difficulties (etc) .

Sensory and Physical

Information and resources for visual and hearing impairments and physical difficulties.

SENCO Paperwork!

All those random pieces of paper that we love to generate, from plans and provisions to governor and SEND information reports.  There’s even information on Ofsted and deep dives.

Exams & Access Arrangements

Exams and access arrangements constantly change.  Stay on top of the information and look at ways to gather the required information.


Whilst English as an Additional Language is not a special educational need, many of us get called upon to support!  And how do you identify whether it is an EAL need or an underlying SEN issue…?

Communication and Interaction

Resources and information on ASC, autism, SLCN (Speech, Language and Communication)

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Social, emotional, mental health, ADHD, ADD, OCD, Eating disorders, Psychological difficulties.

General SEN

A collection of everything else that can’t be found a home or belong in multiple locations.


Transition from one school to another, year to year, lesson to lesson.


Medical needs might not be under our remit but we need to be able to advise and support on reasonable adjustments.

Reviews and Ofsted

Need a review template, advice or the most recent Ofsted questions?  Have a look in this thrilling section.

Who (or what) is SENsible SENCO?

This SENsible SENCO is a selection of resources developed around SEN and the needs for SENCOs within schools.  The resources have all been shared by SENCOs.  Whenever you need support the SENsible SENCO resource bank is there!  And its FREE!!!
The SENsible SENCO (Abigail Hawkins) gives helpful advice and support for what will be all parts of the SENDCO role via her website and business (SENDCOSolutions) and via her social media groups, especially SENsible SENCO on Facebook!
And if you fancy some SENsible SENCO merch – then check out the Etsy shop 

Support and Guidance

SENCOing (yes, it’s a word!) is a lonely role and you can’t expect to know every answer to every question you are asked.

That either means getting very quick and savvy with your Google searches, or turning to others for advice and support.  Fortunately, there are plenty of Facebook groups for SEN where you can look for answers.  From specialist groups on different needs to SENCO groups and professional forums, there is something for everyone.  And SENsible SENCO is one such group.  Aimed at staff in schools, we are a group of over 5500 ‘friends in your phone’.



SENDCOSolutions is the SEN Consultancy business run by the SENsible SENCO, Abigail Hawkins.

For further information please visit the website.


If you are looking for SEN books – do consider going via my Amazon Storefront, where I have tried to collect the more useful ones into one place for you!  


SENsible SENCO has a YouTube Channel…

…which needs some loving care and attention, when she finds a few spare minutes!  

Why not pop along and see what is on offer?  SENsible SENCO


“I’m a magpie”

Actually, show me a SENCO who isn’t!  We all collect resources wherever and whenever we see them, and we share them with like-minded colleagues…and in our enthusiasm we often forget where we originally magpied the resource from!

Be careful not to share anything copyrighted, or that you do not have permission to share.  And please make sure you have removed any identifying factors!!!  If you know the original source, please try to credit.

If you spot something that shouldn’t be here, please don’t hesitate to let me know. 




I want more SENsible SENCO…

Come and join our Facebook group and over 5000 other SENCOs.

Or hop along to the YouTube channel!


I have a resource I would like to contribute...

Either drop it into the Facebook files or use the link here.  We’ll update the site regularly and include any new resources.

Why are there adverts?

The adverts are what pay to keep the site FREE for you to use!  All the sponsors are products that SENsible SENCO trusts and would endorse.  Sometimes we allow companies to ‘feature’ a relevant product on our pages too.
Adsense inserts an advert when you switch from one page to the next.  (Confession: in two years of running my business website with 3-5 adverts on each page, I’ve made the whopping total of £41.96 which barely covers running the site for one month.)

What's the password?

The password was freely shared when the site was launched and is available from the SENsible SENCO Facebook group.  

I’ve had a couple of emails (despite asking for them not to be sent) from individuals who don’t want to use Facebook.  I compare this to going into KFC and wanting to order a McFlurry or Whopper Meal, I’m pretty sure you’ll be declined!  Facebook is my forum, my ‘shop’.  If you want the password, then you’ll have to use that shop to access it.

Quite honestly though, the password is not complex and any human that is “SENsible” should be able to crack it pretty quickly!


Are these resources really FREE?

Yes.  The majority have been created by other SENCOs and shared.

I have a product can I advertise it?

You can sponsor a page.  We occasionally offer ‘featured product’ slots at the bottom of a page too.  Contact for more information.

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We will feature any SENsible SENCO reviewed products on the website for at least 2 months after the review.
Cost to you: the licences/copies for the three individuals and £50 for the time involved.

The review will be a written report for you with the good, bad and ugly/recommendations…on the website will be a blog post summary with a star rating. Under SENsible SENCO Reviews.

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