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Dyslexia Lessons



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Diagnosis of Dyslexia can sometimes be a postcode lottery.  Some UK Local authorities have their assessment teams, others do not, some Educational Psychologists will diagnose, in other areas you need a specialist teacher with a suitable qualification.  And somewhere, someone needs to pay whoever delivers that service for their time and expertise.  
In schools, is a diagnosis useful?  Yes…and No!  It can useful for the student to know where their difficulties stem from and a decent diagnosis will come with a report that highlights strengths and areas of weakness to work on.  But a school doesn’t need that ‘label’ to address the needs, if they can see a student is struggling with spelling they can put support in place for that without having to label it.  As a SENCO having a label means I know which toolkit or resources I might need to deploy, but it shouldn’t restrict me and I shouldn’t assume that the toolkit will work!

Learning without Labels

Marc Rowland

If we are to improve educational outcomes for all, one of the things we need to do is move away from the notion of labelling children and their families. Rather, we need to focus on the needs of such pupils, never forgetting their greatest need is relentlessly high expectations and great teaching.

As fragmentation of LAs continues, the need for authoritative, evidence based guidance and signposting has grown. This collection of contributions from some of the UK’s leading educationalists does not provide an exhaustive list of all the challenges that might arise, but it has a good go.



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