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A guide to SEND law – 2 day training course – DAY 1

11 March @ 09:30 - 14:00

For parents, carers and young people with SEND requirements


As places are limited, early booking is advised.

Aperson entitled to an EHCP can benefit from the support it affords up to the age of 25. Therefore, it is a legally binding document that can be in place for decades depending on when it is first issued. Because an EHCP can be in place for a substantial part of an individual’s life and because of its fundamental importance to a person with SEND, it is really important that parents, carers and young people have a detailed and well-rounded understanding of SEND law, EHCPs and SEND Tribunal appeals.

Aimed at parents and carers of children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and young people with SEND, this two-day course has been developed to cover everything you need to know about SEND law, EHCPs and SEND Tribunal appeals.

There are three parts to the training over two days:

Part 1 – SEND law (day 1)

  • What is SEND law and where can I find it?
  • The SEND law framework and key legal definitions
  • What are the SEND law duties on local authorities
  • What are the SEND law duties on nurseries, schools and colleges?
  • What is the legal process of obtaining an EHCP
  • What rights do you have if you or your child has an EHCP?

Part 2.1 – EHCPs (day 1)

  • How to obtain an EHCP
  • What should the structure of an EHCP be and what should be included in it?
  • S ection B of an EHCP – detailing special educational needs
  • S ection F of an EHCP and the requirement to detail provision in a specific and quantifiable way – legislation, guidance and case law

Part 2.2 – EHCPs (day 2)

  • S ection I of an EHCP and naming a school – legislation, guidance and case law
  • E ducation otherwise than at a school and elective home education
  • A nnual reviews – the legal timescales and how to get the most out of them
  • R e-assessments – what are they, when should they be used and what are the benefits and potential implications?

Part 3 – SEND Tribunal Appeals (day 2)

  • What are the different types of appeal?
  • When can I bring an appeal at the SEND Tribunal?
  • The steps and stages of the appeals process
  • How to bring an appeal
  • The local authority response
  • Working documents
  • Preparing effectively for a hearing
  • Hints and tips, including for a hearing

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