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SENsible SENCO & ED-Tech Time Savers – Panel Meeting

13 July, 2023 @ 16:00 - 17:00

Our team of ED-Tech gurus explain how ED-Tech can save time for Teachers, SENCOs, TA’s and pupils.

Welcome to our upcoming webinar event focused on the intersection of education and technology! In this engaging panel discussion, we will delve into the topic of how Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs), teachers, and schools can leverage technology solutions to optimise their workflows and save valuable time.

We have assembled a highly esteemed panel of experts who will share their insights, experiences, and practical advice on this subject.

Our panelists include:

Dale Pickles: Dale is an esteemed professional from B Squared, a renowned organisation specialising in innovative educational technology solutions. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Dale brings a wealth of experience in empowering educational institutions with technology-driven approaches.

Arran Smith: Arran is a seasoned professional who previously worked at Microsoft, a global leader in technology and software solutions. With his deep understanding of educational technology, Arran will shed light on how schools can effectively utilise technology tools to streamline their processes.

Paddy McGrath: Paddy represents Texthelp, a pioneering company that develops assistive technology software for education and the workplace. Paddy will provide valuable insights into how technology can be leveraged to create inclusive learning environments. And probably a few jokes!

Ben Sinclair: Ben joins us from Wonde, an innovative platform that focuses on simplifying data management processes in schools. With his expertise in data integration and interoperability, Ben will share his perspectives on how technology can enable schools to seamlessly manage and utilise student information.

During this wide-ranging discussion, our panelists will explore various aspects of implementing technology solutions in schools, such as:

  • The benefits of technology integration for SENCOs, teachers, and schools.
  • Strategies to maximise efficiency and save time through technology.
  • Practical tips for selecting and implementing technology solutions.
  • Overcoming challenges and addressing concerns related to educational technology.
  • Creating inclusive learning environments through technology tools.
  • Best practices for data management and integration in educational settings.

We value your input, and in order to make this webinar as interactive as possible, we encourage you to submit your questions in advance here. This will give our panelists an opportunity to address your specific concerns during the event.

Join us for this insightful webinar and discover how technology can revolutionise the way educators and schools operate, ultimately enhancing the learning experience for all students. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with industry experts and gain valuable knowledge that can propel your educational institution forward.

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming webinar event, and we look forward to your active participation!

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