Free Level 3 Apprenticeship for Teaching Assistants

As part of our work with United Learning, we are delighted to offer your teaching assistants a level 3 qualification which has been designed by our own Abigail.  What’s more, as Abigail is the course lead your TA’s will be taught everything they need to be able to bring out their full potential.  
Be warned, this is not a wishy-washy course, it is a real level 3 award, and it requires buy-in from SLT and line managers. Funded by your apprenticeship levy, this apprenticeship is a cost-effective way to promote teaching assistants to the next level.
Too small as a school or trust to pay into the levy?  Talk to us…we have options available to support you.
As with any apprenticeship, 20% of the working time will be off the job, this time is allocated to complete the coursework and tasks assigned.  The teaching assistant apprenticeship lasts for approximately 18 months for a full-time employee.

Applications for October’s cohort can be submitted via the United Learning site.

You can also join us to hear Abigail and Ella discuss how apprenticeships can work in your school during our Eventbrite special at 4pm on 15th June 2022.


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