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Alright – so it’s a catch-all for anything that didn’t fit anywhere else, or fits into multiple categories so was impossible to file!
Have a look in the SENCO Paperwork section too.  (I’ve tried not to post resources twice, so some might belong in both categories but only appear in one!)

Making a positive difference to the lives of SEN students across the UK

Kinteract is age agnostic and is applicable from early years through to further education. We support bespoke and independent frameworks for schools. Helping educators, pupils/students and parents bring learning to life through our dynamic platform. We are continually growing and evolving with every user, capturing key milestones and successes both within school and personal achievements outside of school. Kinteract is here to help prepare the student for life beyond education. Our solution gives every student a voice and an area where they can express independence with the support of all those involved in their lifelong journey.


If you would like to discuss how Kinteract can help you, please call Jonathan on 0116 497 9093 or book yourself into his calendar here.

 I think your personalised approach to support and empathise with our families and their children’s needs separates Kinteract from other providers. The service had been quick and insightful; the collaborative approach means the product fits our school rather than us having to fit around the product. – Ros Hopkins, Birch Wood School

General SEN information

So, anything that isn’t part of “regular” day to day teaching seems to fall under the remit of the SENCO.  2 years ago this page would likely have been filled with information of high-quality teaching split into different areas.  Now, it has a good chunk dedicated to Covid, since this is what is currently asked for.  That’s not saying that high-quality teaching is no longer required!  It just isn’t the most requested piece of information at the moment…




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Books and Websites


All the Other bits

Warning – it’s like the cupboard under the sink – messy!


Top Tip

Staff Library

Create one!

If you want to empower your staff to be creative and meet the needs of the students in their classrooms then they need to have access to information and materials.
Set up a staff library with some really good general SEN texts and encourage staff to use them.
If they’ve read a chapter on Autism, what strategy are they going to try and employ or which part of their practice will they change?
Can they write a post-it note and stick inside the front cover of the book with a quote or page/section that really interested them?
Could they lead a 5-minute staff session on something they learned and what they put in place?

Top Tip

Staff Library


When we type something like the above someone will always ask, “what books should I put in the library?”

Answer: anything you think will be useful.

Here is a link to my Amazon list, but there are plenty more out there.

I also have a list of all the target ladders books separate as they are asked for too:




Nasen Spotlight

Leading on Inclusion

A collation of 19 articles and nearly 200 pages under 3 main headings:

– Why SEND is important

– The leadership role of the SENCO

– SENCO’s leadership role in multi-disciplinary practice

Includes a specific chapter for EY a couple on SEMH and a whole collection (5 chapters) on collaborative working with different stake holders.  Not practical, but a strong theoretical & strategic book suitable for those undertaking their NASENCO.

Available at Routledge:



Judith Carter

SEND Assesssment

Introducing a new concept of the 7 C’s, take a look, for a different way to do SEND Assessments.

Available at Routledge:


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