Review completed by SENsible SENCO and Ruth Preece (SENCO)

No more laminated cards…

Wouldn’t this be bliss?  I recall using visual timetables back in the 90s and early 00s.  To be fair, they progressed from my hand drawn scrawls to a more professional printed icon representation, but they had one thing in common.  They were on paper or card and easily lost or in my case, wrecked!

I’m fairly technical and I’m not scared to play with computers.  So, my visual timetables eventually developed into something I displayed on the screen and then had to hide every time I wanted to display something else.



Picturepath is the step on from my cobbled-together approach.

With an on-screen version and apps to support it, picturepath allows the creation of personalised visual timetables along with the opportunity to indicate changes and ‘cross-off’ when an event has happened.

Utilising parent and pupil apps a warning can be given if things are about to change.

“I like it, it is easy to use and intuitive. I like that you can have a whole class timetable and add individual ones for pupils who need a different set of activities. I also like how easy it is to move things around and add your own activities with images.”

Our conclusion

Ruth and I had the opportunity to play with picturepath for a few weeks.  We like the versatility of the system and not having to hunt for the right visual on a small card in the bottom of a tray somewhere was incredibly helpful.

We didn’t use the program to share information with parents, although we could both see how this would be very useful.

Students who trialled the program liked knowing what would happen next and of course they enjoyed using technology!


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