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Eye Level Reading Ruler Pack


Product Description:
The Eye Level Reading Ruler, an award-winning SEN resource and Education Resources Awards SEN Resource of the Year 2014 winner, revolutionizes reading for individuals with dyslexia and visual stress. This dual-purpose coloured overlay filter and text highlighter, about the size of an eight-inch ruler, not only reduces the symptoms of visual stress but also assists dyslexic readers in maintaining their line of reading. With its scientifically selected colours, this tool is designed to improve reading speed, comprehension, accuracy, and attention span. Available in a range of configurations to suit individual preferences, the Eye Level Reading Ruler is the perfect companion for readers of all ages.


Increases reading speed by 30% or more
Enhances comprehension and accuracy
Improves attention span
Features narrow and wide tinted strips for line tracking and paragraph scanning
Matte and gloss finishes to suit user preference
Allows creation of up to 30 different tints for personalized comfort
How to Use:
Simple to use; just remove from its protective sleeve, peel off the protective film from the gloss side, and place it over the text. The ruler can highlight single lines or broader paragraphs for efficient reading and studying.


Duo Window design for focused reading
Plain Window version for uninterrupted flow of text
Scratch-resistant, recyclable PET construction
Individually sleeved with protective film
Size: 205mm x 80mm, ideal for all ages and easy to store or use as a bookmark
Colours Included in Multi Packs:

30 Pack (10 colours mixed)
30 Pack (5 colours mixed)
10 Pack (10 colours)
10 Pack (5 colours mixed)
Differences Between Models:

Duo Window Rulers: Offer a narrow and a wide reading window for enhanced focus.
Plain Window Rulers: Feature a single window with a tracking line for confident readers preferring continuous text flow.
Proudly carrying the “BDA Assured” badge from the British Dyslexia Association for 2019-2021, confirming its efficacy and quality.

Customer Review:
5.0 out of 5 stars – “Easy on the eyes. These filters by Crossbow are distortion-free, making reading easier and allowing for longer reading sessions without tired eyes. A valuable investment for enhancing reading comfort.” – Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 11 September 2023, Color Name: Mixed, Verified Purchase.

Transform your reading experience with the Eye Level Reading Ruler Pack by Crossbow, and join thousands of satisfied readers who have discovered the joy of stress-free reading.