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The Lone SENDCO: Questions and answers for the busy SENDCO by Gary Aubin


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“The Lone SENDCO” is a valuable reference book that provides answers to over 300 questions commonly encountered by Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinators (SENDCOs). It covers a wide range of SEND-related topics and offers practical guidance for SENDCOs in their roles.

Full Description

The Lone SENDCO: Questions and Answers for the Busy SENDCO by Gary Aubin

“The Lone SENDCO” is a valuable resource that addresses the challenges faced by Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinators (SENDCOs) in their often isolated roles. SENDCOs are the experts in their schools when it comes to SEND, but they sometimes lack the support they need. This book provides answers to over 300 questions that SENDCOs, whether experienced or new to the role, encounter in their daily work.

Covering a wide range of topics, this reference book is organized into easily navigable sections. Whether you’re dealing with EHCPs and annual reviews, working with parents and carers, ensuring statutory compliance, or handling issues related to teaching and learning, this book offers practical guidance and solutions. It addresses questions such as how to structure an inclusion department, assess SEND for a child with English as an Additional Language (EAL), collaborate with school Careers Officers, motivate disengaged learners, and understand what Ofsted looks for in inspections.

“The Lone SENDCO” is designed for busy SENDCOs to pick up and refer to as needed, making it a valuable resource for tackling the daily challenges of the role. It covers various aspects of SEND, including statutory requirements, strategic planning, assessment, transition support, working with pupils, data analysis, managing a SEND register, and much more.

This book is a go-to guide for SENDCOs seeking answers and support in their roles. It draws on the experience and insights of SENDCOs themselves, making it a practical and relatable resource for anyone in this vital educational role.

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