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Attention & Listening

SEN Resources

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Explore a range of specialised tools and strategies aimed at supporting attention and listening skills, crucial for individuals in improving focus, concentration, and auditory processing. From sensory tools and visual schedules to auditory training materials, our resources are designed to empower individuals to develop and strengthen their attention and listening abilities.


Attention and Listening Resources

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The SENDCast
- Dale Pickles
Arousal and Self-Regulation with Kim Griffin

A discussion about arousal and self regulation with occupational therapist Kim Griffin The post Arousal and Self-Regulation with Kim Griffin appeared first on SENDcast. [...]

- Dale Pickles
Helping Children to Listen with Sarah Billingham

Listening is a fundamental skill to be able to develop language and to access learning in the classroom. The post Helping Children to Listen with Sarah Billingham appeared first on [...]

- Dale Pickles
Pupil Voice and Choice Making with Sarah-Jane Critchley

As a society, we need to create young people who are able to make choices and do so responsibly as they grow toward adulthood. The post Pupil Voice and Choice [...]

- Dale Pickles
Listening to pupils with SEN with Wendy Lee

Listening to and valuing children’s views has implications for their confidence and attitude to learning. The post Listening to pupils with SEN with Wendy Lee appeared first on SENDcast. [...]