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Teaching Assistants (TAs) play a crucial role in enriching the learning experience, offering vital support to teachers and students alike. The ‘Teaching Assistant Resources’ section is designed to empower TAs with a wealth of information, tools, and strategies tailored to enhance their effectiveness in the classroom. From engaging activity ideas and classroom management techniques to specialised support materials for diverse learning needs, these resources aim to support teaching assistants in their multifaceted roles. Whether you’re a new TA seeking guidance or an experienced assistant looking to expand your toolkit, explore our collection of resources to discover innovative ways to contribute to a positive and productive learning environment.

Teaching Assistant Resource Information

Aligning for Success: The SENCO as a Strategic Planner

Aligning for Success: The SENCO as a Strategic Planner

Introduction into Strategic Planning as a SENCO Have you ever wondered why strategic planning is so pivotal for us as SENCOs?In our bustling day-to-day lives, where each decision and intervention can feel like it’s made on the fly, strategic planning might seem like...

SENsible Magazine April 2024

SENsible Magazine April 2024

Hello everyone, Welcome to this special edition of the SENsible Magazine, dedicated to Speech and Language! This April 2024 issue is packed with expert advice, strategies, and resources tailored for SENCOs supporting primary and secondary students. It's a unique...

Teaching Assistant Resources


The SENDCast
- Dale Pickles
The Use of Mindfulness to Support Emotional Literacy with Dr Trisha Waters

The practise of mindfulness has become increasingly popular over the last few years. The post The Use of Mindfulness to Support Emotional Literacy with Dr Trisha Waters appeared first on [...]

- Dale Pickles
Supporting Pupils with Autism to Self-Regulate with Tessa Morton

A classroom can be a terrifying place for a child with autism. Their anxiety may not be apparent and instead you witness a child that's aggressive, defiant, and disruptive or [...]

- Dale Pickles
Songwriting with Children with Al Start

Children enjoy writing stories and poems, but have you thought about songwriting? The post Songwriting with Children with Al Start appeared first on SENDcast. [...]

- Dale Pickles
Story Links with Dr Trisha Waters

In this week’s podcast, Dale Pickles from B Squared is joined by Dr Trisha Waters. The post Story Links with Dr Trisha Waters appeared first on SENDcast. [...]

- Dale Pickles
Connecting and Communicating with students with autism with Tessa Morton

If a child with autism can’t understand and connect with their care giver it will lead to frustration, anger, isolation, anxiety and challenging behaviour as a result. The post Connecting [...]

Teaching Assistant Resource Videos

Empowering SEN Support: Key Strategies for OFSTED

Empowering SEN Support: Key Strategies for OFSTED

Discover expert insights into Special Educational Needs (SEN) support, including phonics for non-speaking learners, enhancing SEND information on school websites, and practical advice for educators in our comprehensive webinar recap. Join us for an enlightening journey into making education accessible and effective for all students.

Executive Functioning – Neurodivergent Traits

Executive Functioning – Neurodivergent Traits

Explore the intricacies of executive functioning with Victoria Bagnall, a leading voice in neuroscience and education. This webinar delves into the challenges and strategies related to executive function skills, offering SENCOs a unique opportunity to deepen their understanding and enhance their approach to supporting neurodivergent children. Learn from real-world insights and practical strategies to foster a culture of neuro-inclusion in your educational setting.