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Sensory & Physical Resources

Created and curated by our 12,000+ amazing SENCOs. This is your library of tried and trusted resources. Take your SENCO knowledge to the next level and become a go-to expert. Find peace of mind knowing you have reliable resources at your fingertips.

HI and Deaf

Support and resources to help SENCOs with the needs of hearing impaired and deaf pupils

VI and Blind

Support and resources to help SENCOs with the needs of visually impaired and blind pupils.


Support and resources to help SENCOs with the needs of physically impaired pupils.

What are Sensory and Physical needs?

HI, VI, Physical and Sensory.

The vast majority of HI, VI and physical needs are identified when children are very young, even before school age.  A handful develop as the result of an accident or illness.  And a some are degenerative, meaning that they may start off without difficulties but needs manifest over time.


How do I access the SEN Resources?

Just a quick reminder that the resources on the following section are probably copyrighted, so please do not share them with anyone, use them in your school to help your pupils, and if anyone asks or wants a copy, direct them to the website.  We are all for sharing the wealth, but I’m sure you’ll know there are people out there that will pinch stuff, charge people and hand it out.  It’s not great when you can get it for free…

Anyway, enjoy the Free SENCO resources for Sensory and Physical needs. We will be adding more over time, so make sure to check back regularly to see what’s new!