SENCO Paperwork

A repository of everything you might need to consume a forest of trees…

General SEN paperwork

If it’s not here it might be lurking in the General SEN section.  










Profiles (Passports)


Provisions & Provision Mapping


Calendars and Diaries


Policies and SEND Information Reports


Padlets and really good School Webistes


SMART Targets




Other (unfileable) bits...


Top Tip

Paperwork for paperwork

If you’re not going to use it, don’t bother creating it

Ofsted don’t want case studies – but if you find it useful, by all means create them.

9/10 if it involves data you can pull a spreadsheet from whatever system generates the data and add some extra columns for notes.

If it is something that will need adapting or changing regularly (like a handbook) remember to keep a master copy in word format and not pdf!

Remember that someone else’s graduated response might not reflect what yours is. 


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