The Facebook group, the GoogleDive and the website are all run voluntarily and without cost to the end-user (you).  As SENsible SENCO with my sensible hat on, it is something that can be time consuming…and therefore I rely on volunteers to help me.  We have an excellent team of Moderators and Admin over on the Facebook group and now I’m looking for a couple of individuals who would like to help look after the website.


What will I do?

Up to you!

Within reason…

I need individuals to take responsibility for each of the pages (Cognition and Learning, Communication and Interaction, etc).
You will:

* make sure any new resources are tagged correctly on your page

* hunt out and add new resources, remove any that are no longer relevant

* add the waffle/burb that explains a section

* contribute or source an occasional blog post relevant to your page (aiming for 6 times a year minimum)

* moderate any comments on your page

What skills do I need?

Believe it or not, very few.  If you can operate MS Word and Outlook and know how to insert a hyperlink then you’re more than halfway there!

The greatest skill you need is the ability to resist the temptation to mess with someone else’s page and to stick to the design parameters without getting too fancy!     

How long will I need to commit?

An hour a week until September, then probably an hour a month.

Whilst we’re getting it up, running and updated with everything useful it’ll need a bit more love.  Once it’s sorted it is just a case of logging on to update any files (a two-minute job), respond to any comments (2-20 minutes) and post any blog (varies).

Why would you want to do this?

To save my purple hair going completely grey?

As I said, it’s entirely voluntary, so you’re not going to garner fame and fortune!  But, if you’ve ever fancied dabbling in a side-hustle and are not sure what it entails, here’s your chance of a taster.  Want to be nosy and see what goes on behind the scenes, you get to see all the things that don’t make it to the page!  Or would you just like to be a part of something special?  Then this is your opportunity.


SENsible SENCO support team

Have your own SENsible SENCO email address and be acknowledged on this page!

Alright, not everyone gets to have a sensiblesenco.org.uk email address, that has to be a bonus!  (It also helps you keep this separate from all your other work.)
And we thank you publicly, by adding you to the motley crew on the right…anyone know who they are?  (Me either – I borrowed them!)

Casey Andrews

I look after a random page

Timothy Heiden

I source and write blog posts

Celine Marie

Contributions sifter

Jennifer Holand

I look after a random page with Cathy

Cathy Waller

I look after a random page with Jenny

Paul Smith

Graphics and Images for the webiste


Drop me an email: admin@sensiblesenco.org.uk

Tell me which ‘page’ you’d like to look after and if you have any experience of using the backend of WordPress/Divi.  (Not a pre-requisite, if I can learn it, anyone can!)

Let me know if you just want to help out for a few months to get the site set up, or are happy to keep going for the foreseeable future.


Join the Revolution

I just left that text there because it was already on the page!

Am I asking you to do everything for me?  No.  In the background, I’m the one paying for the site and the features that you use, I monitor all the activity including the comments and entries, I’ll still add resources and blog posts, new content and pages, I check that nothing untoward is happening and I update the background things!  I’ll be putting in 1-2 hours a week too, more when/if there is an issue!

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