Here is where we show the all the videos from our Youtube channel SENsible SENCO .  You can check out the YouTube videos by clicking the playlist link, resources from the webinars will be made available on our resources tab to all members.

Network Meetings

This is the playlist for the network meetings that we host on most Thursdays at 16:00 you can find out what’s happening this week by going to our event page on this site.

Day to Day Series

These videos where designed for the main questions that came from our Facebook group.  We are looking to expand these and if you want anything specific, that you believe will help SENCOs, email us we are looking to add a new one each month starting from July 2022.


Designed for new SENCOs coming into the role in various different ways, you can select the way you have come into the role, there are minor differences between them. The SEN Register is also here as that was a common question for new SENCOs

Q&A Series

Conversational pieces about what was going on in schools.  These questions came directly from the Facebook group back in 2020 when we first started out, we will be adding more soon!

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