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All About Dyslexia & the new definition of Dyslexia

by | May 10, 2024

All About Dyslexia & the new definition of Dyslexia

by | May 10, 2024

This webinar provides a comprehensive exploration of dyslexia, led by dyslexia specialist Louise Selby and hosted by Gavin Hawkins from SENsible SENCO. Tailored for SENCOs and educational professionals, this session demystifies dyslexia, clarifies its definition, and provides practical assessment and intervention strategies.


The webinar will:

  • Define Dyslexia: Offer historical context and the latest definitions, helping professionals identify and differentiate dyslexia from other learning difficulties.
  • Identify Key Characteristics: Discuss the processing challenges affecting literacy and other cognitive skills.
  • Highlight Assessment & Interpretation: Guide SENCOs in understanding reports and interpreting standard scores to develop individual learner profiles.
  • Introduce Effective Strategies: Emphasize evidence-based interventions and adaptive teaching methods that cater to the specific needs of dyslexic learners.
  • Foster Collaboration: Share actionable insights and encourage continued dialogue within the SEN community.

Key Benefits for SENCOs

  • Enhanced Identification: Learn the key indicators and how to assess for dyslexia early and accurately.
  • Strategic Planning: Gain tools for creating a needs-led approach that addresses individual student profiles.
  • Better Collaboration: Understand how to collaborate effectively with educational psychologists, specialist teachers, and parents.
  • Resource Expansion: Access a network of support and additional resources to improve dyslexia-friendly practices in your school.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Apply professional judgment confidently when evaluating reports and developing intervention strategies.

Overall, this webinar will deepen your knowledge of dyslexia and empower you with practical approaches to support learners and improve outcomes.

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