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Welcome to SENsible SENCO, your go-to resource for all things related to SEN. With access to intervention directories, trusted resources, tailored insights, and expert advice you’ll feel confident and equipped to make a positive impact on the lives of the children you support.


Get instant access to these free resources.


Video Library

Get tailored insights to ensure you stay up to date with SEN knowledge.

Learn from experienced SEN leaders.

Feel empowered knowing that you are informed and equipped to excel in the SENCO role.

Feel more confident as a professional when addressing challenges in the role.

Resource Library

Created and curated by our 12,000+ amazing SENCOs.

A library of tried and trusted resources.

Take your SENCO knowledge to the next level and become a go-to expert.

Find peace of mind knowing you have reliable resources at your fingertips.

Intervention Directory

Suggestions of 100’s of intervention programmes in one platform.

Easy-to-navigate interface, designed to save you time.

Feel empowered and informed to select the best intervention programme for your needs.

Take comfort in the knowledge that you have found the right programme for your pupils.

SENCO Newsletter

Get crucial advice and news to stay up-to-date with SEN information.

Connect with SEN thought-leaders from around the world.

Feel more prepared to make informed decisions about SEN support.

Make informed decisions that make a difference for the children you support.


This is prefect for individual SENCOs. You get everything in the ‘Free’ membership, plus…


Video Library +

Even more insights to stay up to date.

Learn from experienced SEN leaders.

Feel empowered knowing that you’re informed and equipped to excel.

Feel more confident as a professional when addressing challenges in the role.

Monthly Training

Utilise the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques.

Use evidence-based approaches to support your SEN development.

Feel empowered to make holistic positive changes for special needs pupils.

Unlock new ways to help pupils achieve their full potential.

S&L Newsletter

Get regular updates on the latest speech and language news.

Access expert resources in this field.

Reassurance that you will always be informed and up to date.

Receive educational material that can help you stay ahead of the curve.


Stay on top of all the latest SENCO developments and news.

Immediately access new resources without having to search for them.

Put yourself in-the-know by gaining valuable insights.

Feel secure in your knowledge of SEN regulations.

£100 Book Prize Draw

Chance to win £100 monthly for SEN related books.

Give back to the community by helping to support the staff who support the children.

SENCO Shop Discounts

Save money with exclusive discounts and get access to resources specifically for your role.

Feel empowered to make an impact on the pupils you work with. Gain confidence from having up-to-date SENCO resources.

Members Plus

This is perfect for whole-school SEN support. You get everything in the ‘Free’ and ‘Members’ plans, plus…


In-School Consultancy

Save 20% on all of our in-school services via SENDCOSolutions.

Get help and advice to ensure your school has a top-of-the-class SEN provision.

Guarantee the best future for your school and your pupils.

Receive a tailored package that will make a difference in your school’s SEN journey.

SENsible SENCO Yearly Planner

Stay organised and on top of important dates, meetings, and notes.

Access all your resources in one place with the convenient spiral-bound design.

Get back valuable time with greater organisation and planning efficiency.

Feel prepared for your role with helpful factsheets at your disposal.

Free To All

Even if you’re not a SENsible SENCO member, we have resources that are super helpful for all SENCOs out there. Including: