Apprenticeship Levy in Schools – How to train your TAs for free!

by | Jan 11, 2023

Apprenticeship Levy in Schools – How to train your TAs for free!

by | Jan 11, 2023

 In 2020 they started to design a level 3 teaching assistant apprenticeship, this was to make use of the apprenticeship levy the government introduced back in 2017. Schools with over £3mil on the staff wage bill all pay into the apprenticeship levy with a large majority not receiving the support that it was designed for. In 2021 United Learning, with the support of our very own Abigail Hawkins (who is programme lead), put together a Government funded 18 month apprenticeship package that can give teaching assistants CPD training to really improve the impact they have on the children they support. Not only that but the program gives teaching assistants support to deal with issues and build confidence in what is a very difficult and underpaid role. So if you want to know how to up-skill your teaching assistants at zero cost to your school, know how to get support when recruiting teaching assistants, and want all the rules and regulations around apprenticeships levy in the England this video is for you! We want to add with any government funded course, you are not able to do two courses at once, with the exception of literacy and numeracy alongside, as it was missed as a question in the discussion. 

This talk will cover:

– How does the apprenticeship levy work for schools?

– What is an apprentice?

– What benefits do Teaching assistants gain from completing a apprenticeship?

– Why train teaching assistants to level 3 in schools?

– What happens if I had run out of apprenticeship levy funds?

What is United Learning?

United Learning is a multi academy trust with 96 schools.

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