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Executive Functioning with Connections in Mind

by | Dec 13, 2023

Connections in Mind, more than just Executive Functioning

Welcome to SENsible SENCO’s partner, Connections in Mind C.I.C!

Connections in Mind is a dedicated Community Interest Company (C.I.C) committed to empowering and supporting the neurodivergent community. Our mission is to enhance understanding and appreciation of neurodiversity while providing the tools and resources necessary for neurodivergent individuals to thrive.

Here’s how we are making a positive impact:

1. Neurodiversity Awareness: We raise awareness of neurodiversity through various channels, including communications, events, and campaigns. Our goal is to foster a more compassionate, inclusive society where everyone feels they belong.

2. Specialist Coaching: We offer high-quality, evidence-led specialist coaching for neurodivergent children and adults. Our coaching equips individuals with the skills to navigate challenges related to learning, work, relationships, and mental health, promoting self-confidence and overall well-being.

3. Technology for Neurodiversity: We focus on developing technology tailored to the specific needs of our community. Our research informs our offerings and contributes to advancements in neurodiversity-focused technology for broader market improvement.

4. Innovative Learning Hub: We maintain an innovative online education hub that employs cutting-edge learning technology. This platform helps neurodivergent individuals learn more about their brains, appreciate their unique qualities, and harness their strengths for improved mental health and societal contributions.

5. Contributing to Research: We actively contribute to the research evidence base, investigating the effectiveness of coaching, training, and community support for those with executive dysfunction. This research enhances the quality of support available to our community.

6. Professional Training: We collaborate with key professionals such as GPs, nurses, social workers, and more to provide high-quality training and build awareness. This leads to better understanding and support for our community, ultimately improving their mental and physical health outcomes.

7. Educational Collaboration: We work with schools, further education, and higher education institutions to raise awareness of executive functioning skills’ impact on learning and daily life. Through training, research partnerships, and consultancy work, we aim to improve educational access and outcomes for neurodivergent individuals.

8. Parental Support: We assist parents in understanding their neurodivergent children’s needs and behaviors, equipping them with effective parenting strategies. This support enhances familial relationships and contributes to improved mental, physical, and educational outcomes.

Our History:
Connections in Mind was founded in 2016 by Dr. Bettina Hohnen, Imogen Moore-Shelley, and Victoria Bagnall, pioneering Executive Function Coaching in the UK. Over the years, our organization has grown to provide essential support and services for neurodivergent individuals and their communities. We continue to evolve, adapt, and expand our offerings to better serve our community.

In 2023, Connections in Mind transitioned to a Community Interest Company (C.I.C), reaffirming our commitment to supporting the neurodivergent community. We invite you to explore our activities and discover how we’re making a meaningful difference.

Today, Connections in Mind C.I.C continues to thrive under the leadership of Victoria Bagnall and an exceptional team of executive function specialists. We are dedicated to providing training and support across the UK and globally, empowering neurodivergent individuals to lead fulfilling lives.

Join us in our mission to create a more inclusive and understanding society where neurodiversity is celebrated and valued. Learn more about our activities and intended benefits to the community by clicking the button below. Together, we can make a difference!

Video Demo

Executive Functioning – Neurodivergent Traits

Executive Functioning – Neurodivergent Traits

Explore the intricacies of executive functioning with Victoria Bagnall, a leading voice in neuroscience and education. This webinar delves into the challenges and strategies related to executive function skills, offering SENCOs a unique opportunity to deepen their understanding and enhance their approach to supporting neurodivergent children. Learn from real-world insights and practical strategies to foster a culture of neuro-inclusion in your educational setting.

Qualified Training in Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning in Schools

Connections in Mind

Verified Testimonials

“Your session was the highlight of the day and staff found you extremely engaging and were very interested in finding out more about EF skills. I have recommend you to our Senior Schools as well!” 

“Another incredible session with Victoria Bagnall today. At the very end of a long, busy inset week, this was just the session we needed to invigorate us before seeing the girls tomorrow. We are so fortunate to work with you and enhance our own understanding of executive skills, self- regulation and supporting our girls to be their best selves.”

I thought she was one of the best presentations you have arranged because of the way she related some complex issues to us. The whole presentation was very useful understanding the executive function skills and their impact.So glad I joined! I’ve seen several talks on EF, but this was definitely the best.  I’ve long suspected that EF is the missing link; in our understanding of SpLD, and indeed, of ourselves.

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