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What's the password?

The security of content is important to us, therefore we have had to password the use of the resources.

The password is available from the SENsible SENCO Facebook group in the About – Rules section.

The site was designed to support the Facebook group, therefore the password will not be given out to those external to this.  If you want the password, then you’ll need to join the group.

Watch this video on how to find it 


I have a resource I would like to contribute...

Either drop it into the Facebook files or send it to us.  We’ll update the site monthly and include any new resources.

Watch the Video


Can I join a Network Meeting as a Host?

Yes!  Of course we are always looking for more people to talk to our wonderful SENCOs and SEN Specialists. Take a look at our Brochure

If you like what you read contact admin@sensiblesenco.org.uk with your proposal.
The sessions are popular and we are booking several months in advance.

All network meetings must include 3/4 CPD on a subject that can be used by our audience in their day-to-day activities regardless if they purchase your product or not.

Why are there adverts?

The adverts are what pay to keep the site FREE for you to use!  All the sponsors are products that SENsible SENCO trusts and would endorse.  Sometimes we allow companies to ‘feature’ a relevant product on our pages too.
Advert appear when you switch from one page to the next.  

Other issues?

Can’t find the answer email Admin@SENsibleSENCO.org.uk 


How can I support?

We are a Community Interest Company and are always thinking about how we can give back to the community.  Of course we wouldn’t be here without your support.

You can find all the ways to support the site/group in the What we do section.

Are these resources really FREE?

Yes.  The majority have been created by other SENCOs and shared.

I have a product can I advertise it?

You can sponsor a page.  We occasionally offer ‘featured product’ slots at the bottom of a page too.  Contact admin@sensiblesenco.org.uk for more information.


Sponsorship is only given for companies where we have been able to play with and approve (unofficially, you can read that as ‘endorse’) the product/service. 

Fees are transparent and fixed – £149 for 12 months (prices increased 1st January 2022 and from 1st September 2022 will be £240), for the slot at the top of an appropriate page (see the Mindscreen example on SEMH) with two changes per year included.

Product reviews from sponsors are featured on the SENsible SENCO Review page without further charge. Non sponsors are chargeable at £99

We use your sponsorship fee to pay for the website costs, offer occasional prize draws and give back to schools with our SEN book bidding process (starting Autumn 2022).  The SENsible SENCO team works on the site voluntarily.  

Featured products are temporary (1-3 months) features at the bottom of the pages, if you wish to advertise these there is an additional fee depending on the length of promotion.  

I have a product can you review it?

Yes!  We have a team of SENCOs who would love to review products.  Contact admin@sensiblesenco.org.uk with your proposal.
We request any product review is  6-8 weeks so that they can really put your product through its paces!

If you wish us to feature reviewed products on the website, this is chargeable at £99 for 12 months after the review, but is free to those taking out a page sponsorship.

The review will be a written impartial report for you with the good, bad and ugly/recommendations…on the website will be a blog post summary with a star rating found under SENsible SENCO Reviews.

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