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Speech & Language Link

Speech Link Multimedia Ltd was formed in 2004 in the UK and since then they have continued to develop innovative and award winning support packages for children with SLCN. Their ongoing mission is to bring Speech and Language Therapy knowledge and expertise to every school to help all children reach their full communication potential. Their vision is for all school staff to be able to identify and support all children with speech, language and communication needs appropriately so no child is left behind at school or in life through poor understanding of language.

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The Link magazine is sent termly, free of charge to all UK primary schools to provide clear accessible information on supporting speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). 


The Parent Portal, is an award-winning speech and language support website for parents, carers and families.



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In 2008 Worcestershire LA and Speech and Language Therapy services teamed up to use Language Link to improve early identification for children in the Wye Forest area. The Impact & Research

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Speech & Language Link Blogs & Videos

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SENsible Magazine April 2024

SENsible Magazine April 2024

Welcome to this special edition of the SENsible Magazine, dedicated to Speech and Language! This April 2024 issue is packed with expert advice, strategies, and resources tailored for SENCOs supporting primary and secondary students.

Managing difficult conversations with about SLCN

Managing difficult conversations with about SLCN

Addressing SLCN is as much about communication with parents as it is with the child. This post provides guidance on engaging parents effectively, fostering a collaborative approach, and ensuring children with SLCN receive the support they need to thrive.

Speech, Language and Communication Needs in teenagers: it’s never too late

Speech, Language and Communication Needs in teenagers: it’s never too late

Explore the importance of addressing Speech, Language, and Communication Needs (SLCN) in teenagers during their secondary school years. Learn how timely identification and intervention can empower students, improve academic performance, and enhance social interactions. Discover how Secondary Language Link provides valuable tools and resources to support students with SLCN.

Unlocking Potential: The Critical Role of SLCN Screening in Education

Unlocking Potential: The Critical Role of SLCN Screening in Education

Join us as we delve into the critical importance of screening for speech and language needs (SLCN) with expert Yin Collighan. Learn how our Speech Link and Language Link packages can provide invaluable support for SENCOs, teachers, and TAs, enhancing learning outcomes and future prospects for students.

SENCo, are you getting the data you need for Ofsted?

Discover how Language Link’s comprehensive data and assessment tools can empower SENCo professionals to effortlessly track student progress, generate essential reports, and prepare for Ofsted inspections with confidence.

Ultimate Guide to SLCN – Book Review

Ultimate Guide to SLCN – Book Review

Discover the ultimate SLCN book – Your comprehensive guide to Speech, Language, and Communication Needs. Perfect for SENCOs, educators, and professionals. Explore practical insights and diagnostic knowledge on SLCN conditions, a must-have resource for your bookshelf.

Why It’s Vital to Screen for Language Difficulties: A Heartfelt Message to SENCOs

Why It’s Vital to Screen for Language Difficulties: A Heartfelt Message to SENCOs

Discover the importance of screening for language difficulties in the realm of special educational needs. Learn why early detection, targeted support, and building communication skills can boost academic success and confidence. Explore the Language Link program by Speech and Language Link for online assessments and interventions. Promote inclusive education and empower students to reach their full potential.

What should I look for when supporting pupils with speech, language and communication needs?

Discover effective ways to support pupils with speech, language, and communication needs (SLCN). Explore Speech and Language Link’s comprehensive packages offering assessments, interventions, resources, and training for school staff. Empower your team to provide tailored support, freeing you to focus on other SEN areas. Learn more about how our solutions positively impact student development and self-confidence.

What Do Others Say?

The beauty of your system is it’s all there, the initial assessment, the colourful resources, then re-assessing. Then the cream on the cake. You analyse and collate all the work resulting in a clear and concise print out. What more do you need.

Elaine Pace

Furze Infant School

We just love the whole class at a glance sheet with the staff have really valued and will give us evidence for referrals to Speech and Language services and when the big O visits us soon. I would add that this is the best ICT assessment programme I have ever invested in.

D Garner

SENCO, Cardiff

It is without a doubt, the one resource I could not do without in my unpredictable, crazily busy role as SENDCO.

Tina Godden

SENCO, Willesborough Infant School

The Link Speech and Language CPD (Training Course)

I feel more confident in my role and to be able to talk to others about SALT too is amazing. No more imposter syndrome.

TA, Canterbury