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What is Texthelp?

Exam time can be a stressful period for any student, but especially for students who struggle with reading and writing. Read&Write can be used as a computer reader in exams, in line with JCQ regulations. This allows students with appropriate access arrangements to sit their exams independently.


Texthelp - text to speech compliant with JCQ for exam access arrangements

The easy-to-use Exam Mode is fully customisable to each student’s needs, and helps them:

  • To sit exams with confidence without the need for a human reader
  • Use the approved features they need to reach their full potential, like Text-to-Speech and Screen Masking
  • To be able to access exam content at the same time as their peers

Read&Write in exams is also ideal for boosting students’ confidence and significantly reduces the costs associated with using a Human Reader. Its easy-to-use exam mode means it’s ready instantly and with inbuilt scanning, every exam paper is accessible in seconds. Plus, don’t forget that Read&Write can be used all year round with its full set of features for SEND students, so when exams come around, it’s their normal way of working.

Hear how Cardiff and Vale College have used Read&Write for exams and assessment.

To try Read&Write and explore how it can support you and your SEN students in exams, visit:

Texthelps Inclusive Education Platform

Are you curious about the possibilities of inclusive education? Whether you’re just starting to explore this concept or are already engaged in an inclusive educational environment, this comprehensive article is designed to provide you with a profound understanding of what it means to foster inclusivity in classrooms and schools. We will delve into the practical aspects of inclusive education, as well as the pivotal role that technology plays in ensuring that every student can access quality education.

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Discover Texthelp’s Read&Write for Exams: Empower students with customizable Exam Mode, compliant with JCQ regulations. Boost confidence, reduce costs, and provide independence with Text-to-Speech and Screen Masking. Join Cardiff and Vale College’s success story. Explore how Texthelp can support your SEN students in exams. Visit us at today!

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