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What is Five Minute Box?

Five Minute Box intervention programmes have been opened by children of all ages since 2003. The activities and materials have been updated along the way, with best practice dyslexia teaching at the heart of all our products.

The Five Minute Box - a physical intervention for numeracy or literacy to help SEN pupils in schools

The History of Five Minute Box

In early 2022, the Ten Minute Box was introduced, building upon the success of the Five Minute Literacy Box. This advanced resource supports children in navigating the intricate process of learning digraphs.

The early adoption of Five Minute Box interventions plays a pivotal role in identifying children who may be at risk of specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia or dyscalculia. These activities are tailored to accommodate each child’s unique needs, empowering them to take charge of their learning journey. Through the Boxes, children develop organizational and sequencing skills, actively participate in setting their session goals, and experience a sense of accomplishment that fuels their motivation. Educators appreciate the efficiency of these programs, which yield significant improvements in students’ skills, confidence, and the development of self-help strategies that extend across the curriculum.

Five Minute Box interventions involve a one-time cost, eliminating the need for ongoing subscriptions. Replacement parts for lost or damaged components can be obtained free of charge or at a minimal cost, and discounts are available when purchasing resources alongside training packages.

The Five Minute Box

The Five Minute Literacy Box is the targeted multi-sensory phonics programme which enables early identification of potential specific learning difficulties. The intervention scheme provides secure basic skills for reading, spelling, and writing using synthetic phonics. It is adaptable to individual learners, therefore is suitable for any child not accessing classroom learning and sits alongside any whole school phonics scheme. Self-esteem is maintained as learners work at their own pace, fostering a more positive attitude. Everything you need is in the box, including a structured programme of activities with accompanying resources so minimal preparation is required.

Five Minute Box - Dyscalculia and Dyslexia intervention with no subscription cost
The Ten Minute Box a physical intervention targeted at multisensory phonics to teach diagraphs

Ten Minute Box

Introducing the Ten Minute Box, a targeted multisensory phonics intervention designed to teach digraphs effectively. Building on the best-practice teaching principles of the renowned Five Minute Literacy Box, this resource empowers learners to master the next stage of phonics with confidence. Within the Ten Minute Box, students engage in fun multisensory phonics games that cover 50 blends, digraphs, and irregular words. This versatile tool seamlessly aligns with any existing phonics scheme used in schools, facilitating individualized learning sessions without the need for time-consuming preparation or planning. The comprehensive Instruction Manual provides detailed background information, lesson plans, and assessments, ensuring a seamless teaching experience. Each Ten Minute Box is thoughtfully equipped with all the necessary activities and resources, while initial and summative assessments, along with record sheets, make progress tracking straightforward. With short and focused lessons lasting approximately 10 minutes, learners can progress at their own pace, fostering a sense of accomplishment for every student. Grounded in both research and teaching experience, the ‘Hear it, See it, Say it, Write it, Read it’ strategies make the Ten Minute Box accessible even to non-specialist teachers, making phonics education engaging and effective.

The Number Box

Introducing The Number Box, a versatile and multi-sensory teaching program and mathematics resource designed to support children facing various challenges in mathematics. This resource caters to several groups of learners, including dyslexic children who may struggle with sequential skills, organization, and spatial operations in math. Additionally, children with receptive and expressive language difficulties may require more time to grasp complex math vocabulary, while dyscalculic children benefit from tangible resources to aid their understanding of numbers. The Number Box employs a multi-sensory teaching approach and includes essential materials, record of achievement booklets, and an illustrated instruction guide. It is an ideal tool for teaching assistants or parents to work individually with children to establish fundamental numeracy concepts or support groups of students who are not yet comfortable with abstract mathematical ideas. This program guides learners through gradual steps, starting from early number recognition and progressing to the use of tens and units. Furthermore, it encompasses resources for teaching time, measurement, money, and shape concepts, aligning with the principles of The National Numeracy Strategy and suitable for use from the beginning of a child’s school journey.

Number Box

Grab a free trial of the Five Minute Box and see how it can work for your school!

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Five Reasons to Try The Five Minute Literacy Box

Five Reasons to Try The Five Minute Literacy Box

Discover the Five Minute Literacy Box, a multi-sensory program that can help boost literacy skills and identify potential learning differences. With a focus on phonics and writing, this intervention can provide targeted support for children who may be at risk of falling behind. Suitable for reception and Key Stage 1, the program is also helpful for older students with gaps in their phonics knowledge. Find out why professionals love this program and start a free trial on the website today.

What’s the problem with digraphs, and how can Ten Minute Box help?

What’s the problem with digraphs, and how can Ten Minute Box help?

Discover how the Ten Minute Box can help struggling learners master digraphs and improve their reading fluency and confidence. This multisensory intervention is suitable for any age of learner and includes structured resources and lesson plans to teach synthetic phonics. With no ongoing costs or subscriptions, it is budget-friendly and easy to implement, and allows for tracking of student progress. See what professionals say about the Ten Minute Box and how it engages and motivates learners.

What others say

“We have been using the Ten Minute Box for 3 months in years 3 and 4 with children who were identified as needing further support with phonics. It has already had a positive impact for these children and we plan to use the box with year 2 pupils too. The children have made notable improvements in their confidence with reading and willingness to ‘have a go’ in class. The experienced TA working with them enjoys sessions with the Ten Minute Box and so do the children. It does take just ten minutes, the planning is clear and there is no preparation needed. The activities are easy to use and flexible to adapt to children’s needs. For pupils that need support in addition to high quality teaching in whole class and group contexts, the Ten Minute Box fills the gap for individualised support for those who need it most. Having regular, targeted one-to-one support with the Ten Minute Box has made a big difference to these children.”

Iain Tolmie

Assistant Head/ Inclusion Lead, Shelf Primary School

“We have used The Number Box for a number of years; it is a great resource to support children with Maths and also supports teachers to recommend next steps with the areas where children are having difficulties.”

Joanne Kennedy

SEND Specialist Support Services Associate Teacher Together for Children, Sunderland

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