Reviews and Ofsted

The scary phone call has been received or an email from the Headteacher telling you that Ofsted is visiting or that an external review has been booked.  Use the resources here to look for inspiration.

Expert Education Evaluation

EvaluateMySchool helps schools, local authorities and multi-academy trusts improve the quality of their self-evaluation.

Written in collaboration with national experts, our platform asks best practice questions, providing you with the information you need to make informed strategic decisions for your organisation.


  • SEND

  • Disadvantaged

  • Teaching Assistant 

  • Whole School

  • Sixth Form

  • Safeguarding

  • Curriculum – in production

“After trialling EvaluateMySchool with a group of schools we have now doubled the usage for this academic year. EvaluateMySchool is a simple way for schools to review their provision – using well informed statements that gives a clear visual representation. The 7 key focus areas allow schools to focus in on consolidating strengths and then planning school improvement to take into account the areas where there may be gaps. The level of detail then allows schools to directly home into specific areas.  Not only does the programme reflect statutory requirements and OFSTED framework but is so user friendly – requiring little training and technological know-how. From the perspective of the work I undertake, this programme has allowed me to use it to extract snapshots of SEN Provision extremely quickly meaning that time can be maximised in school improvement and developing provisions for SEN learners.”

Jon Foster – Teaching & Learning Advisor SEND

Bedford LA


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