SENsible Magazine Feb 24

by | Feb 3, 2024

It’s the month of Love, but shouldn’t every month be like this?


Welcome back to another edition of SENsible Magazine.

With so much going on, I nearly forgot to publish this edition! How bad would that have been? This month, we talk about metacognition with our EPs, along with a piece on TAs working with supply staff; we know this can sometimes be a challenge. We also wrap up our series on “Unmasking the Reasons Behind Pupils’ Misbehavior,” as they say, every behavior is communication, right?

Look out for our special thanks to Fonetti when we visited Amazon HQ to give awards to some truly deserving children. It was a lovely day out, and we look forward to supporting more with this event as it rolls out again this year, and it’s once again free for all schools to participate in. Watch out for details coming soon!

Of course, we are making some noise about our SENCO planner. We’ve spent a lot of time reworking the last version, and as we’ve only just received the mockup of the newest version, there are still a few more changes we want to make!

Anyway, enjoy the magazine. I hope I haven’t made the break section too hard for you to manage this month!

Warmest wishes,

The SENsible Magazine Team

SENsible Magazine Feb 24

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