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Supporting SENCOs with a whole school approach to SEND

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The funding is currently coming from activities that SENsible SENCO undertakes outside of her own business interests, the sponsorship of these pages and the Google adverts between screens.

Those funds are used to pay all the website costs (not staffing time).  Anything in excess of those costs is considered profit and used for the company in the form of bids.




You can donate via our donations link or on our Eventbrite events. 

If you enjoy the support you receive, make good use of the resources provided, then please consider taking out one of our member subscriptions. 


You could sponsor one of our resource pages (see FAQ)

You might also consider delivery at one of our weekly network meetings.
Optional sponsor for £100 a dedicated 60-minute virtual session where you deliver up to 45 minutes of CPD and a 15 minutes of product pitch.  

We could write an honest review of your product

By offering exclusive offers for our members


While SENsible SENCO doesn’t directly offer services to schools, our sister company SENDCO Solutions does, we cover every part of SEN consultancy and training your school could ever need.

How will it work?

Each academic term (starting from the autumn term of 2022). there will be a round of applications/bids.

Bids can only be accepted from schools/academies. (SENCOs/Heads)

* SENsible SENCO will source and have a selection of books available.

* In the interest of fairness, only one bid per school will be accepted in each academic term.

* Successful applications will be notified by email (school addresses) and the books sent to a school address.



Who will be involved?

I’m optimistic that the number of requests coming in will exceed the funding available.

SENSible SENCO will screen all bids for their completion and appropriateness.  If this still exceeds the value then there will be a voluntary team of at least 3 individuals made up of SENCOs, members of the public and businesses who will ‘rank’ the bids individually.  Based on this a final rank order will be decided and SENsible SENCO will make any binding decisions.

Incomplete bids are unlikely to make it through the process – however, in the interest of making it quick and simple, it may be necessary to contact some schools for further information.


What’s on offer?

Books to support your SEN library through one of our selected suppliers.


* SENsible SENCo will be sourcing the best deals possible – so is unable to take requests for specific brands of item.



For transparency, I wanted to ensure that my own business (SENDCOSolutions) and SENsible SENCO do not get muddled with each other.

When I set out to generate the SENsible SENCO support group and this website for sharing resources, I knew I would need to cover my costs.  So, I approached companies to sponsor the pages.  In the process, I’ve ended up with more money coming in than it actually takes to sort out the website…with more offers and opportunities being cast our way. 

 A MASSIVE thank you, to all the companies who have sponsored the pages or taken part in the SENsible SENCO Network and CPD meetings.

Anyone who knows the SENsible SENCO will know she isn’t in it for the money…so would rather put it to good use.  They will also know that she has some great ideas but can’t always get them off the ground without a little bit of help…
(Registered Company Number: 13468734)