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B Squared

B Squared products are all about showing the small steps of progress pupils with SEND make. With a range of products to suit a wide range of abilities and ages, you will find a product to fit your needs.

Our Connecting Steps assessment software makes teachers’ lives easier and saves them time, by helping them identify next steps and helping them show the progress the pupil has made in a variety of ways. The information Connecting Steps creates also supports more meaningful communication with parents.

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Connecting Steps

Connecting Steps, our assessment software delivers all the information in a user-friendly format that schools need to improve pupil outcomes, free up teaching time and simplify reporting for senior leaders. It makes teachers’ lives easier by helping them to identify next steps and showing even the smallest steps of progress pupils have made in a variety of ways. Multiple inclusive assessment frameworks allow schools to track the progress of pupils with SEND all the way to age 25, as well as those working at Age Related Expectations across Early Years and Primary. The information Connecting Steps creates also supports more meaningful communication with parents.


Evisense, our evidence for learning system enables teachers to easily and securely record and share evidence. Photos and videos are a powerful way to showcase a pupil’s achievements. Sometimes a photo or a video will convey so much more than a graph or other data. Pupils may be making small steps of progress, increasing their breadth, working towards their EHCP outcomes or they could be working at low attainment levels and not producing written work. Evisense can be used with schools’ chosen mobile devices for evidence capture ‘on the go’, then shared with parents to boost parental engagement.

Book an online meeting to find out how B Squared can help your school show small steps of progress.

What Do Others Say?

Teachers’ workloads have decreased over time and more staff can play their part in assessing pupils

“Connecting Steps has decreased our teachers’ workloads over time and allows more staff within the school to play their own part in assessing pupils. Teachers are now more confident in being able to go into a pupil’s assessment area, look at the progress that they have made, and find areas that will meet outcomes linked to the curriculum that they are working on.”

Joanne Watson

Assistant Head Teacher, Bluebell Park School

Demonstrates all student progress, however small and helps improve learning outcomes

“We see B Squared’s Connecting Steps as a valuable part of our comprehensive assessment programme. We can now demonstrate all student progress, however small. It has also helped us to be secure in our judgements and improve learning outcomes as a result.”

Michelle O’Reilly

Head of School, Cedars School

We can see the sustained progress our pupils are making from Early Years to Preparing for Adulthood

“Working with B Squared, we have found an assessment system that we can intrinsically link into our ambitious curriculum – from Early Years through to Preparation for Adulthood. This means we can now see the sustained progress our pupils are making.”

Mark Phillips

Headteacher, Barndale House School

Enables us to personalise learning to individual needs

 “Connecting Steps helps our teachers to accurately track children’s data and use it to inform their future planning. This has enabled us to personalise learning to individual needs, address barriers to learning and provide specific help where it’s needed.”

Victoria Chandler

SENCO, St. Edmund’s Primary School

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Balancing the Scale: Expert Strategies for Managing SENCO Workload

This enlightening webinar addresses the escalating workload faced by SENCOs in today’s challenging educational landscape. Our panel of experts shares invaluable insights and tips on reducing workload stress, enhancing coordination within the work space, and whether a high workload is indicative of a successful SENCO.

Monthly Newsletter June 23

Monthly Newsletter June 23

We’ve taken a break from our normal monthly newsletter, we’ve let Dale and the team at B Squared loose and it seems they have had some fun. They included information on Autism, how doing stuff yourself is not always the best use of your time and how to gain the best outcomes for children with SEND. It’s a great read! Also a big well done to Rebecca Banks who is our monthly winner of the SENbooks £100.

Measuring Small Step Progress – B Squared

Measuring Small Step Progress – B Squared

Dive into B Squared’s innovative approach to SEN assessment with Dale Pickles. Discover how Small Step Progress and Connecting Steps transform the tracking of pupil achievements, empowering educators and students alike.

Discussing Progress for pupils with SEN with ChatGPT

Discussing Progress for pupils with SEN with ChatGPT

In this blog article, ChatGPT delves into the progress of pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Join the discussion and gain insight into strategies, support systems, and approaches that can be implemented to help students achieve their full potential.

Analysing Data for Pupils with SEND

Analysing Data for Pupils with SEND

Data should be useful, powerful, and used to improve outcomes for pupils. There are graphs and spreadsheets everywhere, but is it making a difference? Lots of people are not confident with data.

More from B Squared

Having worked with thousands of schools, the B Squared Team understand the challenges professionals working in SEND face. We created The SENDcast to support teachers, other professionals and parents.

A new episode of our award-winning podcast is released every Thursday. Each week we have a different guest, joining our host Dale Pickles to discuss an area they feel passionate about and want to share. The podcast has over 250,000 downloads and more than 160 insightful episodes covering all the latest topics in SEND.

A smarter way for schools to train staff around SEND. SENDcast Sessions provide in-depth content that schools can access forever, building a library of CPD that all staff can benefit from now and in the future. Over 100 high quality, 1-hour expert online training sessions across a wide range of SEND topics are available from our shop.