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Assessing the Need for Access Arrangements in Examinations: Seventh Edition


Stay compliant and streamline exam arrangements with this comprehensive guide to providing access arrangements for secondary school and FE students. Reflecting current JCQ regulations, this updated edition features detailed evidence requirements, crucial insights on JCQ paperwork (Form 8, Form 8RF, Form 9), and newly added chapters and case studies. With 271 pages packed with practical advice and downloadable resources, this essential book is your go-to reference for supporting students with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs) and ensuring fair exam accommodations.

Full Description

An essential resource for anyone involved in providing access arrangements for students in secondary school and FE, including those with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs). 

  • Fully updated to reflect the current JCQ regulations
  • Detailed guidance on evidence requirements, including updated test information
  • Important new information on the JCQ paperwork, including Form 8, Form 8RF and Form 9
  • Updated documents and resources to download to help with gathering and reporting access arrangements evidence
  • This edition includes:
    • 271 pages  (55 pages longer than the previous 6th edition)
    • 6 additional chapters (now 26 chapters)
    • New chapter containing 5 case studies
    • Online links to a large number of downloadable resources