SENsible SENCO Planner


The SENsible SENCO planner is simply the most purple SENCO planner out there.  This very special planner has everything a SENCO could want, it’s dated, has notes, meetings pages and more!  This SENCO planner is also hardbacked and spiral bound with a document pocket to keep all those pesky pieces of paper in, it really is a thing of beauty!

Please note: There will be limited stock available and delivery will start from the first week of June, this pre-order will open 13th Jan 2024 as a single print run.  If orders exceed our stock, we may look at a second run, but there is no guarantee of this.

If you are an annual member you’ll be sent a one-time code, make sure to use this on your purchase!

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Full Description

A thing of wonders! The SENsible SENCO Planner.  This planner has been lovingly designed and created by us with the needs of SENCOs at heart.  See last years video and everything you need to know about the SENCO planner and how it can be benefical in help you plan and record your SENCO information.  Priced at £30 plus £4 P&P (UK shipping) it is one of the most affordable planners out there.

This year you can only buy it direct from our shop.

Limited to 550 copies - we will not be ordering more so get in quick!

Those with an annual website membership please check your inbox for how to claim your free copy!

Key Features of the SENsible SENCO Planner:

  • Key dates
  • Each Month as a double page spread
  • Each Week as a double page spread with timetable slots for hourly planning.
  • Sections for meetings and notes
  • To Do lists
  • Professional Contacts list
  • Additional Resources and Assessments
  • Planning for Transitions
  • A4 Spiral Bound
  • Hardbacked
  • Anti-scuff protected covers
  • A4 Pocketed

Physical only, this is not a download and print planner!

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