Working Effectively with your Teaching Assistant – Sara Alston


“Working Effectively with Your Teaching Assistant” is a must-read for early career teachers seeking to navigate and enhance their partnership with teaching assistants. Gain practical insights into TA roles, intervention strategies, and collaborative techniques.

Full Description

Are you an early career teacher looking to strengthen your partnership with teaching assistants? “Working Effectively with Your Teaching Assistant” by Sara Alston is tailored specifically to support educators like you in managing this crucial but sometimes complex relationship.

This book offers invaluable guidance for maintaining harmonious classroom dynamics, whether you’re collaborating with an experienced TA or someone new to the role. It addresses key aspects such as:

  • Understanding TA Roles: Gain insights into the various roles that teaching assistants play, from classroom TAs to learning support assistants and 1:1 TAs.
  • Effective Interventions: Learn about different forms of intervention, including pre- and over-learning, and discover the significance of ensuring that every child has access to high-quality teaching.
  • Collaborative Strategies: Explore collaborative techniques, including methods for sharing lesson planning and feedback, differentiation strategies, techniques to foster student independence, and ways to support one another beyond the classroom.

Throughout the book, you’ll find valuable perspectives from teaching assistants themselves, sharing their experiences and offering insights into what can enhance the classroom dynamic. Additionally, it provides solutions for those moments when things don’t go as planned, helping primary teachers make a significant impact on learning while saving time and reducing stress.

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