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SEND Huh – Mary Myatt & John Tomsett


Dive into ‘SEND Huh,’ a book that reimagines curriculum design through the lens of inclusivity. Join Mary Myatt and John Tomsett on a journey of hope and transformation in education

Full Description

Discover the transformative world of “SEND Huh,” where Egyptian god Huh, representing endlessness, creativity, fertility, and regeneration, becomes the guiding deity of the curriculum. Join authors Mary Myatt and John Tomsett as they delve into the heart of curriculum design for young learners in this captivating book series.

The “SEND Huh” project is born from insightful conversations with dedicated colleagues from various corners of the education sector. In this edition, “SEND Huh,” Mary Myatt and John Tomsett engage in profound discussions about curriculum provision for students with additional needs, featuring insights from leading experts in the field.

Mary and John have conducted in-depth interviews with students, parents, teachers, headteachers, CEOs, educational consultants, and lecturers. From these interviews, they have crafted a comprehensive, ambitious, thought-provoking, nuanced, and ultimately, a visionary perspective on what optimal provision entails for children with additional learning needs.

“SEND Huh” opens up challenging yet inspiring dialogues, offering a beacon of hope for the future of SEND curriculum provision in our schools.