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SENCO Survival Guide (3rd Edition) – Sylvia Edwards


Dive into the ‘SENCO Survival Guide’ by Sylvia Edwards, a vital resource for SENCOs. Learn practical strategies for inclusion, engagement, and effective leadership in supporting students with SEND.

Full Description

“Empower SENCOs with the ‘SENCO Survival Guide’ by Sylvia Edwards”

In the updated third edition of “The SENCO Survival Guide,” published in 2023, Sylvia Edwards delivers an invaluable resource filled with practical wisdom to assist Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) in managing their responsibilities and effectively leading their schools toward a shared objective.

This comprehensive guide advocates a whole-school approach to inclusion, offering support for SENCOs in both mainstream and special schools across all key stages. The new edition introduces a focus on high-quality teaching, providing classroom strategies to ensure the inclusion and engagement of all children and young people. It aligns with the Code of Practice’s graduated response, delves into SEN support and education, health, and care plans, and offers guidance to break the cycle of low achievement in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) students. The guide also addresses the modern SENCO’s multifaceted role, encompassing assessment, provision mapping, OFSTED preparation, disability discrimination, and equality.

Moreover, it provides insights into training, effective management, and deployment of teaching assistants. The guide explores strategies to amplify ‘pupil voice’ and foster independence while harnessing the enhanced role of parents to maximize success for learners with SEND. Drawing from field research in mainstream, special, and Post-16 settings, this resource equips SENCOs with the confidence, skills, and knowledge to champion the achievement of learners with SEND. It offers practical strategies that can benefit all school staff in raising the attainment of pupils with SEN and disabilities.