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Square Pegs – Fran Morgan and Ellie Costello


Dive into ‘Square Pegs’ by Fran Morgan and Ellie Costello, a comprehensive guide for educators. Address the complex task of supporting non-traditional learners in today’s educational landscape.

Full Description

“Square Pegs” is a heartfelt guide specially crafted for educators and leaders who find themselves torn between the rigid government/Ofsted narrative on behavior, attendance, and attainment, and their own passionate commitment to supporting square pegs and their families. In a changing educational landscape, it has become increasingly challenging to accommodate children who don’t conform to the traditional mold.

Authors Fran Morgan and Ellie Costello delve deep into the evolving educational challenges. Budget constraints, reduced support staff, a rigidly academic curriculum, difficulties within the special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) system, and limited access to mental health support have all compounded pre-existing issues related to behavior and attendance. The prevailing ‘attendance equals attainment’ and zero-tolerance narrative often clashes with the more community-oriented approach many schools desire, leaving school leaders in a dilemma.

This comprehensive guide covers an array of critical topics, including school attendance, relationship-building, trauma-informed practices, and behavior management. Featuring insights from over 50 contributors, it’s designed for busy school leaders—a dip-in, dip-out resource that offers multiple perspectives and expertise in one place.

“Square Pegs” seeks to empower school leaders and staff to effectively support children and their families by offering proven psychological approaches, technological innovations, and a thoughtful examination of the current education system, including curriculum, pedagogy, and statutory Department for Education guidance. Additionally, it provides a clear, jargon-free interpretation of education, SEND, and human rights law, ensuring that decision-makers understand the legal implications of their choices.