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ADHD and Attention Difficulties – Fintan O’Regan and Sara Cave


Dive into ‘ADHD and Attention Difficulties’ by Fintan O’Regan and Sara Cave, a practical guide for parents, caregivers, teachers, and schools. Learn to provide effective support for children and young individuals dealing with ADHD and attention difficulties.

Full Description

Written by Fintan O’Regan and Sara Cave, “ADHD and Attention Difficulties” is a comprehensive and straightforward guide that delves into the common challenges faced by children and young individuals dealing with ADHD and attention difficulties, both at home and in the school environment. This book equips parents, caregivers, teachers, and schools with practical strategies to provide the support needed.

This insightful guide offers a complete introduction to the intricate world of ADHD and attention difficulties. It explores the issues, challenges, and experiences frequently encountered by young individuals with ADHD and emphasizes that understanding their neurological deficits, rather than labeling them as unwilling, is key to effective support.