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Beating Bureaucracy – 4th Edition – Jean Gross


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Beating Bureaucracy: A Guide for Schools” by Jean Gross is the ultimate solution for overwhelmed educators. Reduce paperwork, enhance teaching quality, and empower students with SEN. Get your copy now and conquer bureaucratic hurdles!

Full Description

Introducing the 4th Edition of “Beating Bureaucracy: A Guide for Schools” by Jean Gross

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the mountain of paperwork generated by special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in your school? Do you long for more time to focus on improving teaching and learning for students with SEN or disabilities? If this resonates with you, then look no further than “Beating Bureaucracy in Special Educational Needs,” the indispensable book you need.

In this fully revised and updated 4th edition, Jean Gross presents practical strategies for schools to combat the bureaucratic hurdles of SEND by reducing the need for additional provisions beyond what is available to all students. By fostering inclusive environments, curricula, and teaching practices, schools can decrease the number of students on SEND registers and concentrate on providing targeted support to those with more complex needs, aligning with the SEND Code of Practice.

This bestselling book showcases real-life case studies, featuring many situations contributed by the members of the SENsible SENCO Facebook community, providing invaluable insights and experiences. Discover how schools, through shared wisdom and collaborative problem-solving, have achieved outstanding SEND provision, inclusive teaching methods, and successful partnerships with parents.

By harnessing the power of technology and redistributing responsibilities to class and subject teachers, as well as middle and senior leaders, SENCOs can effectively reduce their workloads and avoid shouldering the burden alone.

To support your journey, this edition includes a valuable toolkit of ready-to-use proformas, conveniently accessible online. The toolkit features a model policy to present to Ofsted, informative resources for parents, such as the facts about classroom-based “Velcro” 1–1 support, strategy sheets covering various types of SEND, as well as provision maps and proformas to aid in planning, monitoring, and evaluating your provisions.

Packed with practical and achievable strategies, this book is an essential resource for school leaders, SENCOs, and anyone pursuing national SENCO qualifications. It empowers you to reclaim control by returning the responsibility of supporting children with additional needs to the rightful place, ultimately helping you, as one SENCO put it, “get your life back.”

Take the first step towards conquering bureaucracy and transforming the landscape of special education in your school. Order your copy of “Beating Bureaucracy: A Guide for Schools” now, and benefit from the collective wisdom and real-life situations shared by the members of the SENsible SENCO Facebook community!