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All about Dyscalculia – Judy Hornigold


Explore ‘All About Dyscalculia’ by Judy Hornigold – a comprehensive guide for primary school teachers, packed with practical strategies to understand and support dyscalculic learners. Reduce math anxiety, boost self-esteem, and empower your students to excel in mathematics!

Full Description

Introducing “All About Dyscalculia” by Judy Hornigold – Your Essential Guide to Empower Primary School Teachers and Support Dyscalculic Learners!

Unlock the power of effective teaching with this invaluable resource tailored to primary school educators. Authored by [Author’s Name], “All About Dyscalculia” is your ultimate companion to enhance your understanding of dyscalculia and equip you with practical strategies and insights to boost the self-esteem and motivation of your young learners.

Discover the world of dyscalculia as this book delves into its telltale signs, and then embark on a journey through a wealth of teaching techniques designed to nurture dyscalculic children’s mathematical comprehension and resilience. Throughout the pages of this book, a strong emphasis is placed on cultivating an empathetic learning environment within your classroom and school, ultimately reducing math anxiety and paving the way for positive outcomes for all your students.

“All About Dyscalculia” includes:

1. Comprehensive Dyscalculia Primer: Gain a deep understanding of dyscalculia and learn how to identify and support children with dyscalculia in your very own classrooms.

2. Practical Mastery Strategies: Equip yourself with practical strategies to not only enhance specific math skills but also foster broader problem-solving capabilities in your students.

3. Anxiety-Busting Insights: Discover valuable advice for both teachers and parents on how to alleviate math-related anxiety and facilitate the development of math proficiency in young learners.

4. User-Friendly Format: Designed for convenience, the book allows you to navigate its chapters effortlessly, with helpful worked examples making it accessible to both educators and parents alike.

5. Immediate Impact and Long-Term Solutions: Find suggestions for immediate implementation, as well as in-depth interventions for sustained progress. This practical guide is a must-read for mainstream primary teachers and SENCOs, serving as an indispensable resource for supporting dyscalculic children not only in school but also at home.

Elevate your teaching game, empower your students, and create a brighter math-learning future with “All About Dyscalculia” by Judy Hornigold. Get ready to make a difference in the lives of your young learners and embark on a journey to mathematical success!