Autism, Identity and me Workbook – Rebecca Duffus


Embark on a self-discovery journey with the ‘Autism, Identity and Me Workbook’ by Rebecca Duffus. This highly structured workbook empowers autistic children and young people aged 10+ to understand, embrace, and take pride in their autistic identity.

Full Description

Step into a highly structured and visually engaging journey with the ‘Autism, Identity and Me Workbook’ by Rebecca Duffus. This unique workbook is thoughtfully organized into key sections such as ‘Interests and focus,’ ‘Masking,’ ‘Emotions and energy levels,’ and ‘My autistic identity statement.’ It serves as a personal passport, enabling young individuals to develop a profound understanding of autism tailored to their individuality.

Shaped by autistic advisors and contributors, this workbook weaves in first-hand experiences of young people, creating a rich tapestry of insights. The primary aims of this workbook are to:

  • Foster an understanding of what autism is.
  • Cultivate a deep awareness of what autism means to the individual (their autistic identity).
  • Instill a positive sense of self.
  • Acknowledge aspects that may present challenges.
  • Inspire pride in being autistic.

Embracing a positive understanding of one’s autistic identity correlates with increased self-esteem and well-being in adulthood. This workbook is a powerful tool to support this development and is invaluable for autistic children and young people aged 10+, as well as the adults guiding them. For optimal effectiveness, it is designed to be used alongside the accompanying guide, providing further support for lead adults and facilitating essential conversations.

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