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Autism, Identity and Me Professional and Parent Guide – Rebecca Duffus


Discover ‘Autism, Identity and Me’ by Rebecca Duffus, a guidebook that empowers adults to understand autism and embrace autistic identity. Essential for those working with autistic children and young people aged 10+

Full Description

Step into the world of self-discovery and understanding with this indispensable guidebook designed to accompany the “Autism, Identity and Me” workbook. Authored by Rebecca Duffus, it serves as a vital resource for adults seeking a deeper comprehension of autism and autistic identity. This guidebook extends the themes introduced in the workbook, offering a clear and structured program of sessions to mentor young individuals on their journey.

The content of this guidebook has been thoughtfully shaped by autistic advisors and contributors, enriching the narrative with first-hand experiences. Throughout the book, you’ll find examples of ‘possible prompts,’ insights on what to prioritize as the lead adult, and an array of concrete, neurodiversity-affirming strategies.

Understanding and embracing one’s autistic identity positively correlates with higher self-esteem and overall well-being in adulthood. “Autism, Identity and Me” serves as a cornerstone for developing this positive understanding and will prove invaluable for all adults engaged with autistic children and young people aged 10+