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I Can’t Go To School! – Suzy Rowland


“Dive into ‘I Can’t Go To School!’ by Suzy Rowland, a compassionate guide for young learners facing school challenges. Find words to seek help and activities to make school more enjoyable.”

Full Description

“Empower Young Learners with ‘I Can’t Go To School!’ by Suzy Rowland”

For those who find going to school a daunting challenge, “I Can’t Go To School!” by Suzy Rowland is a compassionate guide that understands the difficulties faced. School can be tough when you’re grappling with subjects that seem perplexing or being around people who don’t make you feel at ease. This book acknowledges those feelings and offers a path to make school a more comfortable place.

Parents and teachers may sometimes struggle to comprehend why going to school is an ordeal for some children. However, there are solutions. This workbook takes young readers on a journey to explore the words they can use to seek help and suggests activities to make the school experience more enjoyable.

Whether working through it individually or with the guidance of parents, teachers, or therapists using the downloadable guides, young learners will discover strategies that work best for them, helping them unlock the joys of learning and education.