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Co-producing SMART Targets for Children with SEND by Sarah Martin-Den


“Co-producing SMART Targets for Children with SEND” offers practical guidance for educators on co-producing purposeful SMART targets with children, young people, and caregivers. Featuring case studies and reflective activities, Sarah Martin-Denham highlights creative approaches rooted in the child’s perspective.

Full Description

Unlock the power of collaboration with “Co-producing SMART Targets for Children with SEND” by Sarah Martin-Denham. This accessible guide empowers educators and educational settings to co-produce SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) targets for Education, Health and Care Plans, SEN Support Plans, and Personal Education Plans.

Ms. Denham advocates for collaboration between educators, children, young people, and their caregivers to gain profound insights into their perspectives, aspirations, strengths, and challenges. By fostering this understanding, the book guides you in crafting purposeful and effective targets that are firmly grounded in the child’s viewpoint.

Each chapter showcases successful approaches to capture authentic voices, featuring contributions from various schools and age phases. The book includes valuable case studies and reflective activities to inspire creative and innovative approaches to SMART targets, all firmly rooted in the child’s perspective.

“Co-producing SMART Targets for Children with SEND” is an essential resource for SENCOs, designated leads for safeguarding, teachers, and senior leaders in both mainstream and specialist educational settings.