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So Your The SENCO Comic

Welcome to our SENCO news and updates series, where we’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest developments, trends, and best practices in the world of Special Educational Needs Coordination. If you’re a SENsible SENCO member, you get even more amazing help, advice and insights when you log in.

So You’re the SENCO Part 7

So You’re the SENCO Part 7

Part 7 of our So You’re a SENCO series. A parent was not happy about a sanction their child had received and had somehow managed to bypass the meagre security features in the school and make it all the way to a second-floor classroom to hurl open the door and start screaming.

So, You’re the SENCO part 3

It’s surprising how long little tasks can take.
The mug of tea was already cold, and both staff and students were beginning to arrive.  Staff were expected by 8:30 am, students from 8:45 am with registration at 8:55 am. By 8:15, the office and yard outside were buzzing.
Any minute now, students would begin to appear in the office.

So You’re the SENCO part 2

So You’re the SENCO part 2

The education psychologist had left a phone message wanting to observe one of the children at 10 am today; a message that was left at 4:31 pm on Friday. This didn’t bode well. Timetabling teaching assistants was primarily a paper exercise. If she could persuade Miss Eno to move between two maths lessons during period one, they would be OK. One of the students only needed settling and then rarely accessed support throughout the rest of the lesson.

So You’re the SENCO Part 1

So You’re the SENCO Part 1

Mrs Nest, The SENCO, has been in the role since Easter break. She took over after the previous SENCO had been off long-term sick for several months. This is the start of her story…