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A Quick Guide to Special Needs and Disabilities by Bob Bates


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“A Quick Guide to Special Needs and Disabilities” provides educators with concise explanations and practical strategies for over 60 conditions leading to additional needs. Bob Bates offers valuable insights and classroom advice to support learners with diverse needs.

Full Description

Expand your knowledge and support for learners with diverse needs through “A Quick Guide to Special Needs and Disabilities” by Bob Bates. With insights into over 60 conditions that lead to additional needs, this invaluable resource offers accessible, bite-sized explanations of various physical, neurological, psychological, and developmental challenges.

This guide equips educators with best practices for working effectively with learners facing these conditions and demonstrates how to integrate these approaches into everyday teaching. Each condition is presented in a user-friendly 2-page format, featuring:

  • Case Studies: Real-life scenarios to help you understand the impact of each condition on individuals and their families.
  • Do It Steps: Practical, step-by-step approaches to addressing additional needs associated with these conditions.
  • Important Steps for the Classroom: Tailored advice for teachers to implement in educational settings.
  • Recommended Reading: Suggested books, articles, and websites for further information on specific conditions.

Whether you’re a new or experienced teacher, or simply seeking to enhance your understanding of diverse individual needs, this guide is your go-to reference for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).