All About Autism – Primary Teachers – Lynn McCann


Dive into ‘All About Autism – Primary Teachers,’ a vital guide by Lynn McCann for primary educators. Gain insights, debunk myths, and equip yourself with strategies to support autistic children.

Full Description

Delve into this accessible and enlightening guide, meticulously crafted for primary school teachers. Lynn McCann invites educators on a journey to deepen their knowledge and understanding of autism, equipping them with a versatile toolkit filled with practical, adaptable strategies to support autistic children in their care.

This book embarks on an exploration of autism, dispelling myths, highlighting key traits and celebrating the unique strengths and abilities of autistic learners. Readers are introduced to a treasure trove of easy-to-implement ideas and concrete solutions, all designed with the child at the center. “All About Autism – Primary Teachers” includes:

  • Practical strategies tailored to primary key stages, underpinned by current research presented in easily digestible segments.
  • Guidance on a wide array of topics, emphasizing the role of play in developing communication, supporting sensory needs, fostering peer relationships, and nurturing social awareness.
  • Strategies to create an environment that is autism-friendly and conducive to different learning styles.
  • Expert advice for helping autistic learners navigate problem-solving, managing demands, tests, and transitioning to secondary school.
  • Chapters that facilitate effortless navigation, with pointers to further research, resources, and support.

Celebrating differences over deficits, this guide weaves together the voices of autistic children and parents with practical examples of what exemplary, tailored teaching should encompass. A must-read for primary school educators, SENCOs, and parents dedicated to supporting autistic learners aged 4-11.

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