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A Very Modern family – Carrie and David Grant


Join Carrie and David Grant as they share their extraordinary family story in “A Very Modern Family.” Navigate the complexities of modern life, inclusivity, and unity through their heartfelt experiences and practical advice.

Full Description

Dive into the extraordinary family journey of Carrie and David Grant as they share their remarkable story in “A Very Modern Family.” This heartwarming tale revolves around their family, which is a testament to the evolving landscape of society. With four children, each bringing their unique curveball—mental health challenges, neurodivergence, trans non-binary identities, diverse sexualities, and the beautiful tapestry of a mixed-race family—Carrie and David’s story reflects the rapidly changing world we live in.

As society undergoes a transformation that challenges traditional notions of family and community, questions arise: How can we maintain unity within our families and communities? How do we build an inclusive society where no one feels oppressed or left behind?

In “A Very Modern Family,” Carrie and David Grant open their hearts to share the trials and triumphs of creating an incredible, diverse family and community. Their multi-intersectional family serves as a beacon of hope and change. Through their personal experiences, they offer profound insights and mindset shifts necessary to forge a more accepting and unified space for all.

This book provides a deep dive into real-life situations commonly encountered in today’s world, offering practical and applicable advice to readers. Whether you’re navigating similar challenges or seeking inspiration to foster inclusivity, “A Very Modern Family” is a compelling narrative of love, acceptance, and the power of transformation.