All Birds Have Anxiety by Cathy Hoopmann


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“All Birds Have Anxiety” takes a lighthearted approach to exploring anxiety through bird behavior. Cathy Hoopmann’s book provides relatable insights into anxiety symptoms and offers compassionate coping strategies. Dive into this charming exploration of anxiety.

Full Description

All Birds Have Anxiety by Cathy Hoopmann

Take flight into the world of anxiety through the whimsical lens of “All Birds Have Anxiety” by Cathy Hoopmann. This book provides a unique and humorous exploration of bird behavior, offering a relatable validation of everyday experiences of anxiety.

With a blend of quirkiness and curiosity, the book not only sheds light on the symptoms associated with anxiety but also extends a hand of compassion, offering practical coping strategies for those navigating the complexities of anxiety.

Join this delightful avian journey and gain a deeper understanding of anxiety through the endearing antics of our feathered friends.

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