Effective Teaching Assistant by Abigail Gray and Melanie Wright


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Explore the role of teaching assistants with “Effective Teaching Assistant.” Abigail Gray and Melanie Wright offer practical resources, training activities, and insights into inclusive teaching for TAs/HLTAs.

Full Description

Effective Teaching Assistant by Abigail Gray and Melanie Wright

“Effective Teaching Assistant” is a practical and tailored resource designed specifically for teaching assistants and higher-level teaching assistants (TAs/HLTAs). This book explores both the opportunities and limitations of the TA role, offering training activities and teaching resources to enhance their practice.

Key topics covered in each chapter include Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and inclusive teaching, multi-sensory teaching, and supporting differentiation or adaptive teaching. The book includes checklists and useful diagrams, making it an essential resource for teaching assistants, students, and practitioners. It is particularly relevant for those in undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional development programs.

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