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Governance Handbook for SEND and Inclusion by Adam Bodison


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“Governance Handbook for SEND and Inclusion” equips governors and trustees with practical strategies to promote inclusivity in schools. Suitable for all education professionals in strategic roles, this handbook highlights the importance of governance in shaping inclusive school environments.

Full Description

Governance Handbook for SEND and Inclusion by Adam Bodison

Empower governors and trustees to foster an inclusive culture within their schools with the “Governance Handbook for SEND and Inclusion” by Adam Bodison. This essential resource supports educational leaders in developing effective strategic practices that prioritize inclusivity, particularly for learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Grounded in the six principles of effective governance, this handbook provides invaluable tips on striking the right balance between support and challenge. It enables schools to meet the diverse needs of learners with SEND.

Key highlights of this handbook include:

  • An Introduction to SEND, Inclusion, and the Six Key Features of Effective Governance
  • Practical Advice and Guidance for SEND Governors and Trustees on Strategically Monitoring and Reviewing SEND Provision
  • Insight into the Practical Dynamics of the Relationship between SENCOs, SEND Governors, and Headteachers
  • Guidance on Cultivating an Inclusive Culture within Your School
  • Sources of Ongoing Support and Resources from Professional Organizations and Websites

This book is a valuable resource for all education professionals engaged in strategic roles, including governors, trustees, school leaders, and SENCOs. It underscores the pivotal role of governors and trustees in shaping a school’s inclusive ethos and offers strategies to enhance the effectiveness of strategic practices.