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Can’t not Won’t – Eliza Fricker


Dive into ‘Can’t Not Won’t’ by Eliza Fricker, a thought-provoking guide to school avoidance. Find humor, insights, and practical advice for parents and professionals navigating these challenges.

Full Description

Eliza Fricker, in her insightful and humorously irreverent illustrations, takes readers on a journey through the early days of school avoidance, the process of seeking support, and the challenges faced in the interim. “Can’t Not Won’t” shines a light on the often absurd and frustrating experiences encountered while dealing with health, social, and educational systems. It provides a reassuring sense of understanding for parents who may find themselves in similar circumstances, offering a means to convey these challenging situations to others.

This guide offers a wonderfully relatable perspective, and it goes beyond illustrations to include written guidance for parents and professionals alike. Discover what strategies work best for managing school avoidance and gain valuable insights from those who’ve been through it.