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Great Expectations by David Bartram


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“Great Expectations” offers a diverse collection of articles by educational leaders, highlighting the significance of leadership in improving SEND practices. This book is an essential resource for educational professionals committed to enhancing inclusive education and student outcomes.

Full Description

Explore a curated selection of articles authored by leading educationalists and school leaders known for their success in improving outcomes for children and young people with additional needs. “Great Expectations” sheds light on the pivotal role that leadership plays in shaping effective practices within the realm of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

This comprehensive book is divided into eight distinct parts:

  1. Leadership: Uncover the essential leadership principles that drive positive change in SEND.
  2. Improving Outcomes: Delve into strategies for enhancing outcomes for students with additional needs.
  3. Teaching and Learning: Explore innovative approaches to teaching and learning in inclusive settings.
  4. Working with Learners, Parents, and Carers: Learn about effective collaboration with students, parents, and caregivers.
  5. Assessment and Identification: Gain insights into assessment and identification processes in SEND.
  6. Monitoring, Tracking, and Evaluation: Discover methods for monitoring, tracking, and evaluating progress.
  7. Efficient Use of Resources: Optimize resource allocation for improved SEND provision.
  8. Developing Provision: Explore strategies for the development of inclusive provision.

Each part offers a national perspective, practical examples tailored to specific school contexts, and thought-provoking questions for reflection. You’ll also find valuable references for further reading, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of effective SEND practices.

“Great Expectations” is an invaluable resource for educational leaders, school practitioners, and anyone passionate about shaping inclusive education and improving outcomes for students with additional needs.