Help! My Feelings Are Too Big by K L Aspden


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“Help! My Feelings Are Too Big” provides children, parents, and caregivers with a compassionate approach to managing overwhelming emotions. Author K. L. Aspden offers age-appropriate language and activities to help children navigate complex emotional challenges with confidence.

Full Description

Help! My Feelings Are Too Big by K. L. Aspden

Navigating overwhelming emotions can be challenging, especially for children. In “Help! My Feelings Are Too Big” by K. L. Aspden, complex issues like anxiety, attachment disorders, or early trauma are approached with respect and compassion. Through engaging illustrations and age-appropriate language, this children’s book delves into the emotional impact of these challenges, offering valuable insights and activities to help children:

  • Manage and cope with their intense feelings.
  • Build trust in themselves and others.
  • Repair and nurture their relationships.

This book serves as a supportive guide for children, parents, and caregivers, fostering understanding and offering practical tools to navigate the emotional landscape with confidence.

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